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Ford 428 FE V8 bigblock motor gereviseerd met C6 automaat
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Auteur:  johnny winter [ wo feb 22, 2023 23:30 ]
Berichttitel:  Ford 428 FE V8 bigblock motor gereviseerd met C6 automaat

Staat op marktplaats..
Ga zeker kijken voor de foto's.. :like:
Misschien iets voor een Escort Cabrio..?? :lol:

€ 14.000,00...

Volgens mij heeft ie 425 pk..

wegens omstandigheden en verkoop voertuig te koop:
door post & dros gereviseerde 428 FE uit 1966 rekenigen ter inzage.
correcte cilinderkoppen C6AE-R
Felpro volledige pakkingset
gereviseerde verdeler met Pertronix
helemaal compleet, alle bewerkingen professioneel uitgevoerd, en nog niet in elkaar gezet
zodat je kan zien wat er gedaan is en dat onderdelen nieuw zijn.
nieuw zijn:
CopCams nokkenas en lifters
alle lagers, nokkenaslagers reeds gemonteerd
Melling oliepomp en aandrijfas
KB zuigers
4V edelbrock alu performer intake
lijngeboord, cilinders gehoond, blok op lekkages afgeperst enz.
drijfstang boringen gedaan en nieuwe zuigerpenbussen
krukas geslepen en gepolijst.
ook leverbaar met origineel Ford alu 8V intake voor 60 pk extra.

tevens nog 2 goede FE cilinderkoppen en een FE flexplate
FE oliepan, klepdeksels 360 FE krukas
en 5 stuks American Racing vector turbine met goede 235 75 R15

Ter info..

Ford FE Engines: The Complete History
The FE Ford engine was released into production in 1958. The earliest applications included use in the short-lived Edsel program. The FE was not a replacement for the Y-block; it was a larger companion to an engine family sharing some design features. In 1958, the Y-block was still considered a current design at only four years old.

Starting out at 332 ci, the FE quickly grew in displacement through its first five years of production, with 352-, 390-, and 406-ci variants followed by the now famous 427 in 1963. By 1966, the renowned 428 and the short-lived 410 had been released, and these completed the lineup of FE passenger-car engines. And as a result, a lot of high-performance Ford FE engine history was written in a very short time. The 352 and 410 were dropped after 1966, and the 390 and 428 continued as the only FE engines in passenger-car production from 1968 through 1970.
You can easily build a 500-hp stroker FE engine these days. Case in point, this 475-hp 445-ci is based on the 390 FE and delivers a reliable 475 hp under 6,000 rpm. No grinding or clearancing is required to assemble the Survival Motorsports stroker kits into an FE block.
he FE had been dropped from passenger-car use by 1971, but the 360 and 390 versions remained extremely popular in pickup trucks through the 1976 model year. Some commercial applications, most notably U-Haul trucks, had FE power through the 1978 model year. Throughout the 20-year production run, the FE had seen use as a marine, commercial, and industrial engine as well.

The high-performance factory engines were the ones that claimed all the glory, but the vast majority of engines were for more mundane applications. The most popular original FE vehicles were full-size family cars and pickup trucks, and these vehicles contain the engine blocks that are used for many high-performance engine builds today.

The beginning of the FE performance program took place when Ford split the car lines during the late 1950s, going from one basic platform to many as the market developed. The emergence of the bigger cars coincided with a gain in the popularity of racing. The NHRA U.S. Nationals were held at Detroit Dragway in 1959 and 1960, and auto executives were exposed to the rising popularity of the sport. At the same time, NASCAR began the transformation that would take it from being a local-circuit group to a national sport. Television was about to change the way cars were marketed, and motorsports was one of the beneficiaries.

Ford responded to the market opportunity with high-performance iterations of the 352 and then the 390. In this era, a production-based engine could still be equally successful in drag racing and NASCAR.

Klinkt toch wel als de auto die ik zoek..
Op de grachten heb je geen asfalt..
Een paar stenen eruit trekken ..haha..

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